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Corporate Gifting Trends for 2022

Corporate Gifting Trends 

The COVID19 pandemic has turned the way we do business on its head, including the way corporations give gifts. In the past, gifts were given in appreciation for employees’ hard work and to escalate a client relationship. 

Post pandemic gift giving is more than that. It is used as a tool for building relationships with customers and workplace teams, but also as a tool that marketing and sales teams are using to improve financial results. 

Employers are making efforts to build real connections with their employees, especially with more of them working from home. Receiving a gift creates a powerful emotional experience that generates a genuine sense of connection. Connection is more important than ever since face to face meetings are happening more rarely in the workplace. 

Shockingly, typical corporate gifts range between $25 and $125. Let’s explore some of the current corporate gift giving trends.

1. Personalized Gifts

Nothing says you care more than a personalized corporate gift. It is a great way to show that you notice each individual, their likes and preferences, and you appreciate them. Personalized gifts can also be a great way to motivate people. Additionally, you can promote your company by giving a gift with your logo on it. Your logo is a reminder of who gave the gift and creates a positive connection with your brand.

If you are looking to give a holiday gift, Mickman Brothers provides opportunities for your company to personalize corporate evergreen gifts. Businesses can customize the wreaths by putting their logo on the wreath ribbons. Your custom message on a Holiday Gift Card is included with each gift.

2. Sustainable Gifting

Sustainable gifting is an important aspect when choosing a corporate gift. Why create more waste when you could give a natural, sustainable, biodegradable gift? Sustainable gift giving says three things about your company:

  1. We appreciate your contribution to our company/business.
  2. We care about the earth and reducing our impact.
  3. We want to help you do the same. 

Gifts that send a sustainable message contain locally sourced materials. They are manufactured with eco-friendly, recycled or repurposed materials. They help eliminate single-use plastics, and are made without harmful chemicals. They are renewable resources.

Eco-friendly packaging is also paramount; those receiving your gift will appreciate your environmental sensitivity. Packages that are shipped in recyclable material, like cardboard boxes and recyclable packaging are preferable over styrofoam.

Conservation efforts at Mickman Brothers are impressive. A tree seedling is planted in honor of each of their gift recipients. Since 2007, they have funded the planting of 800,000 tree seedlings in 49 States. 

3. Choices

Custom selection means a gift that will match your client or employee’s interests, previous relations with your company, and how intimately they are connected with your company. What previously was an unanticipated gift is now what is expected from your relation-building efforts.

Gift cards, including digital gift cards, have been one of the most popular choices for corporate gift giving. An enticing draw in giving gift cards is the receiver gets to choose which gift they prefer. Another popular customized idea is for employees or clients to build their own gift basket of wine, chocolates, or gourmet foods. 

Mickman Brothers provides a variety of fresh Balsam Fir and Noble Fir gift choices; Christmas tabletop trees, holiday wreaths in a variety of colors, and festive centerpieces. You get to choose what fits best with your clientele and employees.

4. Work From Home & Ease of Delivery

There is nothing better than the fresh, festive holiday scent of evergreen in the home. Brighten up your employees’ and clients’ living spaces with the natural beauty of lush Balsam Fir and Noble Fir. Allow the warm glow of lights to bring joy to their home and work space.

Fresh holiday evergreens delivered in a festive holiday carton are the perfect gift. They are timely, personal, and a welcome addition to the holiday decorating nearly all of us look forward to each year. Delivered fresh right to your door!

5. Cultural Sensitivity

If you are giving a corporate gift over the holidays, evergreens are a great choice. From the ancient Egyptians in 3000 BCE, the Celtic Druids, ancient Romans, the Vikings, Germans, up until present day, evergreens have been an ancient symbol of rebirth and life. Whether they were used to celebrate a pagan tradition or religious significance, evergreens are a long celebrated tradition. In 1984, a United States Supreme Court case (Lynch v. Donnelly) actually ruled the Christmas tree was a secular symbol of the holidays, along with Santa Claus and reindeer. 

When choosing a corporate gift for the holidays, you will not have to worry about the gift you choose being associated specifically with Christmas. Even if some families do not celebrate Christmas, nearly all families decorate their homes for The Holidays. What better way to welcome home friends and family for the Holidays, than with a fresh evergreen Holiday Wreath on the front door?!

6. Locally Made and Artisan Gifting

The market saw a huge trend towards gifting locally sourced, specialty food and gift items in 2021. The most popular gifts contained USA made, handcrafted, artisan and specialty food and gift items, many of which were sourced locally within the community. There is a fast-growing trend towards locally sourced, organic and artisanal food gifts among younger consumers in particular. 

Mickman Brothers’ wreaths, table top trees, and centerpieces are made from Balsam Fir harvested in Minnesota and Noble Fir harvested from the Cascade Mountains in Oregon and Washington. Local jobs are created and sustained where the natural resources are harvested.

You can feel good about supporting a locally owned business that provides fresh, quality products for their customers. These gifts are an easy way to leave a positive impression. 


Show that your brand stands out from the rest with a gift that fits the 2022 corporate trends. Give a gift that not only provides a need (decorating for the holidays) but also makes a personal connection with your employees and clients. Give a gift that is appreciated and valued, yet also creates a tradition. An evergreen gift can be given as a tradition every holiday season; you can give a sustainable, beautiful gift that people will look forward to year after year.