Professionals dedicated to service

The Mickman family and our wonderful staff pledge to exceed your expectations

From left to right: Brad Berthiaume, CIO; Rose Berthiaume, CFO; John C. Mickman, Wreath Production Manager; Jeff Sutter, President/Shipping Coordinator; Wendy Mickman, Accounting Advisor; John S. Mickman, CEO/Wreath Division Manager; Chris Mickman, Vice President Raw Materials Acquisition; Bill Parr, Oregon Plant Manager; Dennis Zerwas, Corporate Gift Department Manager

Our company is our people - and our customers!

Our customer support team that works for our corporate gift clients has been doing so for decades. From the time of your first contact with Corporate Gift Department Manager Dennis Zerwas, through the ordering process and then customizing your Holiday Gifts with Holiday Greeting Cards which accompany each gift, you can be assured that each of your important business associates will be delighted with their Holiday Evergreen Gift.