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Corporate Holiday Gift Giving

Corporate Holiday Gift Giving

The 80/20 Rule

Remember the wise business advice that 20% of a group is responsible for 80% of the action. Now is your chance to show that important percentage of your customers how much they mean to your company.

Expressing thanks to your customers

The most popular time of the year for companies to express thanks to their business associates is during the Holidays. When done thoughtfully, Corporate Holiday Gifts can go a long way toward building lasting and meaningful business relationships. And at the end of the day, business is conducted on a person-to-person basis. Building upon these relationships is important to a company’s success.

Considering the best time to present business associates a token of appreciation is during the Holidays, what type of Corporate Holiday Gift would be best to give? Your Holiday Gift should include the following benefits to maximize the appreciation of your affiliates.

Your Corporate Holiday Gift should include:

  • High Value – Selecting meaningful Holiday Gifts that will be seen as high value and presenting a gift that they will sincerely appreciate – and use.

  • Branding – The perfect Holiday Gift should include your company branding, in at least a subtle manner.

  • Long Lasting – Your Corporate Holiday Gift should be something that can be used and appreciated daily for as long a time as possible.

  • Priced right – The Holiday Gifts sent need to fit your company’s budget.

  • Seamless Ordering – You and your staff are already busy – the ‘extra’ project of sending Holiday Gifts to your important business associates needs to be easy. You also need to be assured of ‘White Glove’ handling by the company you choose for your Gift Giving Program.

  • Timely Delivery – You want to choose which week during the Holiday Season you wish your business associates to receive their Holiday Gift.

  • Choose a Vendor with a proven track record – The company you select for your Corporate Holiday Gifts needs to have an unblemished record of success, giving you confidence and assurance that your important business associates are well taken care of.

The Corporate Holiday Gifts offered by Mickman Brothers fits the bill for all the above.
 We have worked with hundreds of companies nationwide on their Corporate Holiday Gift Giving Programs for over 40 years. Our fresh, Holiday Evergreen Gifts include Holiday wreaths, tabletop trees, centerpieces, and garlands. We all enjoy decorating our homes for the holidays with these items. Because you order direct from the manufacturer, your corporate gifts are reasonably priced and offer a high perceived value.

Getting started with your 2022 Corporate Gift Giving Program with Mickman Brothers is as easy. Visit our website at www.CorporateHolidayGifts.com or send us an email. We will then walk you through the easy process and your Holiday Gift Giving Program will be underway!