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What do you give your employees during The Holidays?


Your company is your people!

Businesses are not buildings or equipment. The true worth of a company is in their people. Without solid employees that are committed to a company’s mission, a business cannot thrive.

Successful business owners want to express their appreciation for the efforts of their employees in multiple ways throughout the year.


But, What to Give?

Ensure the Holiday Gifts you are giving to your valued employees are meaningful and appreciated. Each gift should include a number of attributes:

  • High Value – Selecting meaningful Holiday Gifts that will be seen as high value and presenting a gift that they will sincerely appreciate.
  • Branding – The perfect Holiday Gift should include your company branding, in at least a subtle manner.
  • Long Lasting – Your Corporate Holiday Gift should be something that can be used and appreciated daily for as long a time as possible.
  • Priced right – The Holiday Gifts sent need to fit your company’s budget.
  • Seamless Ordering – You and your staff are already busy – the ‘extra’ project of sending Holiday Gifts to your employees needs to be easy. You also need to be assured of ‘White Glove’ handling by the company you choose for your Gift Giving Program.
  • Timely Delivery – You want to choose which week during the Holiday Season you wish your business associates to receive their Holiday Gift.

    Holiday Evergreens purchased from Mickman Brothers are perfect in every way!


Two Ways to Order

Many companies with whom we work give gifts in one, or both, of two ways:

  • For ‘on-site’ employees, many companies host a Holiday Gala! At these fun gatherings, giving employees a fresh Holiday Wreath, Centerpiece or Tabletop Tree is an excellent way to show gratitude for the contributions they make. For these events, ordering Holiday Evergreens to be sent ‘bulk’ to your company is the lease expensive route to take because it minimizes shipping and handling costs. We suggest that you purchase our festive Wreath Bags to make it easy to distribute the gifts and for your people to take them home.
  • For both ‘on-site’ and remote employees, Mickman Brothers will FedEx your Holiday Gifts individually to your employees. When choosing this option, a Holiday Greeting Card will accompany each gift including a personalized message, individual to each employee, or the same Holiday Greeting to all.

    It either case, your employees will sincerely appreciate your Holiday Gift throughout the Holidays. Your valuable staff can welcome family and friends ‘Home for the Holidays’, with a beautiful wreath.


Ease of Ordering

Getting started with your 2022 Employee Gift Giving Program with Mickman Brothers is as easy as visiting our website at www.CorporateHolidayGifts.com or by sending us an email to us at CorporateHolidayGifts@mickman.com . Your personal Account Manager at Mickman Brothers will then walk you through the easy process and your Employee Holiday Gift Giving Program will be underway!