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Corporate Holiday Wreaths Are Gifts That Keep on Giving

Corporate holiday wreaths for your clients and employees are the perfect gift

Holiday wreaths bring the beauty of nature from outside to indoors. Imagine the fresh scents and natural beauty of evergreens brightening up the faces and homes of your esteemed clients and employees. Mickman Brothers offers a variety of  holiday wreaths, as well as other fresh holiday evergreens like tabletop Christmas trees and candlelit centerpieces. Give the gift of Christmas cheer that keeps on giving to the people you value most of all.

The corporate holiday wreaths vary in presentation; choose between the Classic, Wintergreen, Cranberry Splash, and Victorian wreaths for the perfect gifts for your clients and employees.

Why is corporate gift giving important?

When your employees and clients receive a corporate gift, it creates a sense of connection with the gift giver. Henceforth a positive association is created with the company and brand of the corporate giver. Companies show their appreciation by creating a bond with their employees as well as potential and existing clients by giving thoughtful gifts. By giving thoughtful gifts, companies show their appreciation and create a bond with employees, vendors, potential clients, as well as existing clients. Corporate gift giving increases feelings of reciprocity and trust between the recipient and the giver.

Corporate gift-giving increases feelings of reciprocity and trust between the recipient and the giver.

Corporate gift giving statistics

  • Corporate gifting can motivate potential clients to become permanent clients. 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences, according to Instapage.

  • Current clients benefit from receiving corporate gifts. According to a retail study, consumers with an emotional connection to a brand are more likely to support it. A study reports that 57% of people claim that receiving mail makes them feel more valued. Mickman Brothers provides fresh evergreen delivery straight to your front door.

  • The amount spent on a per gift basis is surprisingly high, especially post- COVID. Most employers spend between $25 and $125 on a corporate gift, with the largest percentage reporting the sweet spot between $75 and $100, according to Forbes. 

The perfect gifts for everyone


High Value


Long Lasting

Each of these Holiday Gifts can be sent for less than $45.00 — including shipping!

Why fresh Christmas wreaths?

Fragrant corporate holiday Christmas wreaths make holiday gift giving easy and unique. Go “greener” by giving a natural gift that will fill every home with the scent and beautiful decor that only live evergreens can bring. 

Every order of Mickman Brothers’ wreaths, candlelit centerpieces, and tabletop trees are created and delivered fresh. Holiday evergreens are renewable resources as well. For every wreath order placed, Mickman Brothers will plant an evergreen seedling to grow a new tree. How much “greener” can you get?

Holiday evergreens delivered straight to your door

Fresh holiday Christmas wreaths, tabletop trees, and candlelit centerpieces are easily ordered online and delivered straight to your client or employee’s door! We make it easy to deliver gifts individually to homes or by bulk delivery to your place of business. Mickman Brothers will cater to your needs. 

We will package and ship your delivery with care, just as they’ve been doing for the past 40 years. You can even personalize a gift message and include your company logo on the evergreen gift of your choice. What a great way to deliver thoughtful gifts in three effortless steps!

Easy online ordering

Promptly order your fresh wreath, tabletop tree, and table decor with Mickman Brothers’ online process. First choose to talk or email with your personal account manager. Then download Mickman Brothers’ easy to use template and add your gifting information in the spreadsheet. Finally, submit your order and it will be shipped with utmost care.

See how easy it is to take advantage of Mickman’s corporate gifting services