The Mickman Christmas Wreath Story


  The Mickman Christmas Wreath Story  As my grandma told the story to me many, many years ago, this is how our family wreath business was founded.  “When I was a young girl in Norge (Norway) back in the late 1800’s, my mother used to make a wreath each year from evergreens we children would gather from […]

Corporate Holiday Gift Giving

Corporate Holiday Gift Giving The 80/20 Rule Remember the wise business advice that 20% of a group is responsible for 80% of the action. Now is your chance to show that important percentage of your customers how much they mean to your company. Expressing thanks to your customers The most popular time of the year […]

Best Employee Gift

Corporate Wreath Delivery

What do you give your employees during The Holidays?   Your company is your people! Businesses are not buildings or equipment. The true worth of a company is in their people. Without solid employees that are committed to a company’s mission, a business cannot thrive. Successful business owners want to express their appreciation for the […]

Corporate Holiday Wreaths Are Gifts That Keep on Giving

Corporate holiday wreaths for your clients and employees are the perfect gift Holiday wreaths bring the beauty of nature from outside to indoors. Imagine the fresh scents and natural beauty of evergreens brightening up the faces and homes of your esteemed clients and employees. Mickman Brothers offers a variety of  holiday wreaths, as well as […]

Corporate Gifts Wreaths

Holiday Gift Wreaths used for Corporate Gifts Finding the perfect gift is a challenge Each year many companies strive to choose the perfect Holiday gift to express how much their business associates mean to them. Ideally, the Holiday gift would be unique, tasteful, useful and a gift that would continue to please the recipient throughout […]